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Help needed please...


Hi everyone:

I’m hoping to find some help on this piece as well, since I’ve come up empty from looking through my books & online.

It’s a covered serving dish that has a removable 3-way divider inside.

The top marks are: VICTORIAN

The second row is: A Unicorn - The letters W & SB - A lion standing on something

The third row is: E. P. C.

The fourth row is: 156

Many thanks for your help!

Cheers ~ Lizzie


Hi Lizzy
Your serving dish was made by W.&S.Blackington Co. from Meriden, Connecticut.
The company was founded by the Blackington brothers in 1865.
Company sold to Elmore Silver Co. in 1938. At this time, silver plate holloware was introduced into production.
The Raimond Silver Mfg. Co. purchased the firm in 1966 and moved it to Chelsea, Massachusetts.

The EPC mark tells us that its electroplate on copper, most likely made after 1938.
I won’t confirm it but VICTORIAN could be the name of the series.
I’ll look into it.



Hi Harry:

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I truly do appreciate it & will keep checking back to see if anything else pops up.

Cheers ~ Lizzy