Help needed please...

Hi all:

I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure this one out, so I decided to bring it to the silver Gurus.

The item is a shell shaped dish with nautilus shells for the feet. It has a crest with rampant lions standing on either side, on the front. Then, the markings on the back look like a lion’s head with crown, two Olde English letters that are either BO or DO, and then two crossed keys (which weren’t struck as well as the first two marks). I’m guessing it is some sort of candy dish or nut dish or something of that kind.

Thanks so much for any enlightenment that you can provide. Hopefully, I can get a maker as well as an approximate date.

Cheers ~ Lizzy

HI Lizzy

Looking at the picture i’d say what you have is a butter dish, I cant really see the marks that clearly but there not U.K sterling silver as far as i can see.

Hope this helps alittle.