Help needed to identify a spoon

I am new to this collecting area and would much appreciate help in identifying what this spoon was for. I picked it up as it was a bit of a mystery to me. Hallmarked Sheffied 1927-28, I realise that this spoon falls near the bottom of the range of spoon collecting, but I would love to know what its use was. It is 110mm in length. From looking at the net it seems to owe something in design to the older mote spoons. I did wonder if with the spike , it might be for olives. I dont know if the curve in the handle is just design or if it was to hook onto something. Any suggestions welcomed. Cheers. Huw

not forolives. Copy of an old Roman spoon - 2000 years old.

Also used in “folk suit” in Norway - dont know the english word.