help needed ! what is this ? and what is it worth ?

hello, please can anyone help and tell me what this item is ? and what is it worth ?

no idea if its a sort of medal in a cross shape ? its very thin and has the following markings :-

    Lion,              Z,    Anchor,     and  the letters        JC

have tried and tried and my picture is far too large, and im using an oldish camera !!

all replies welcome.


Without a picture we can’t really help. Cropping and resizing a picture is fairly straightforward. If you have a Windows PC you already have an image editor - you can access Paint from the Accessories menu which you will find by clicking the Start button and then Programs.

Otherwise there are a few useful posts here which should help you. Just remember that for a picture to be accepted here it must be no larger than 500 pixels in either width or height.