Help needed with markings on a teas set

I have a three piece teas set (poss. art deco period?) which may be silver or pewter.
It appears to consist of a tea pot, a hot water pot (?) and a sugar bowl.

Marks on the base appear to be (from top to bottom):

  • a fleur de lis,
  • the letters A B then a flower (?) and a stylised S all in octagon shapes in a row of four
  • X1328
  • 4
  • and then a C or an = depending on the item.

Just trying to find out more about it.

Thank you in advance!!

It’s most likely electroplated - definitely not silver. The manufacturer is Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. Atkin Brothers silversmiths and their predecessors will tell you a little more about the company.


Thank you for this. Your input is really appreciated.