Help Needed With Watch Chain Hallmarks ?? No City Mark


Would you be able to help?

I have been given a watch chain from my late fathers estate, with three pocket watches. I am a member of a watch forum, who have put me on to this forum regarding the hallmarks on the chain.

I cant seem to locate a city mark, I have, I think, identified the silver mark, the lion, then appears a date mark, either b or h and the makers mark CDB, which I believe after some research is C D Broughton of Birmingham.

I have attached a few pics of varying quality, I’d just like som info on the city, year and confirmation of the maker?

Each link has the lion and some have CDB.

Any help you can give would be great.

Kind regards, Rich

I agree C D Broughton, so that makes it either Birmingham or Chester, but the date letter is either “b” or “h” (I’m not sure either) which rules out Chester. So the date is either 1902 or 1907.

Hi, superb, many thanks, so looking at Birmingham and I’d say 1907, having a better look at the date mark, moving more towards the h.

Thank you again.


Sorry - should have said 1901 or 1907; not that it really makes much difference.

Hi, once again many thanks for the prompt replies, Great to have a bit more information on this chain.

Kind regards, Rich