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Help Please Baffled With This Hallmark


I’ve been searching for information on the attached hallmark for days now.
It’s from a silver fruit bowl, possibly Victorian.
Just totally lost with the marks, especially the shield at the end.

Anyone’s help would be really, really appreciated


Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 17.05.33

This is not, strictly speaking, a hallmark as your fruit bowl is not silver. The gothic lettering reads E P G S. This stands for electroplated German silver. “German silver” is the former name of nickel silver and is a base metal alloy containing no silver at all. The electroplating process deposits a very thin layer of pure silver onto the base metal.

The letters in the shield-shaped mark would give us the manufacturer’s name if only they were readable but a combination of a double stamping of the mark and your small picture size prevent readability.


Wow! Phil, thanks for the information. I thought that it may be electroplated and you have just confirmed this.

Really appreciate your help. Attached is a better image