Help Required to Identify Markings

Hello, I am after help trying to work out the age and manufacturer of some spoons and forks I inherited from my grandmother who was given them as a wedding present somewhere around 1915 or earlier. They are as follows:


crossed axes





Sorry I am unable to photograph

These are electroplate (EP) by Robert Pringle & Sons of London. “15 DWTS DOZ” implies that 15 pennyweights of pure silver was used to plate each dozen pieces. 1 pennyweight = 1.56 grams. Age is difficult to determine but they could very well have been new in about 1915.

Many thanks indeed. We currently use these regularly having 6 spoons, 6 forks and 2 serving spoons. Are they valuable as in couple of hundred pounds for them?

Electroplate has little commercial value. Your set may be worth as much as a few tens of pounds. The pattern may make a little difference to the value but not a lot… Continue to use and enjoy them is my advice.