Help Required With Unknown Hallmark Please!


I’m assuming the little pin cushion in question isn’t old but I can’t match the date letter with the Birmingham date marks. Also, I can’t identify the maker. The only possibility I can find is Perry Greaves Ltd but they only existed from 1969-1977 and the date mark doesn’t correspond to that time period (the letter P).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The date letter “p” is the date code for 2014 so you are correct about it not being very old. I assume that you have got the date information about Perry Greaves Ltd from my web site. The dates there are dates for which I have seen the mark and, as I mention on the home page, do not represent a full working date span for the maker. Although I have no evidence for Perry Greaves Ltd being still in existence, neither have I any evidence to the contrary.