Help to find a hallmark

Hello. I am new. I need would be glad to find out this hallmark

Thank you

This is not, strictly speaking, a hallmark as it is not silver. Your piece is French electroplate. The manufacturer is Société Générale de Coutellerie et Orfèvrerie of Thiers and Paris. The number 12 conventionally indicates how many grammes of silver were used in the plating process


Thank you very much Phil. I was looking also to the The previous system of antique German silver marks that was based on different town marks symbols and the silver fineness was indicated in “loth” (12 loth corresponding to 750/1000, 13 loth = 812/1000, 14 loth = 875/1000, 15 loth = 937/1000). Could be it? And can I ask how you come up to the manufacturer. Regards Miom

Found it. You are a knowledge person. My compliments.