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Help to find possible french maker

I tried to find the maker but couldn’t.
help needed.

I cannot identify the maker, but I assume you know that the mark is upside down in your picture. It is SL with, possibly, a tree stump (souche d’arbre) between the letters.


Thank you Phil!
yes the photo is turned. i attached the “S L” initials french manufacturers but i cannot figure it out what is the symbol

Best regards!

2 more better photos

The makers list you are looking at is not complete. I don’t know where there is a more comprehensive list which you can look at.


I’m fairly sure that is Souche Laparra, likely 20th Century. The other mark with the Minerva head and a 1 at the top indicates French #1 quality silver (95% pure as opposed to 92.5% pure for sterling), and is for Paris manufacturers.

Yes sir, you are right. I searched the internet now after i read what you wrote and is the manufacturer you indicate.
Thank you very much.

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Glad to hear! You are very welcome!