Help with a Christening Mug please

Hi everyone I have a Silver Christening mug and don’t know what the hallmarks mean and who the maker is and would love to know the history behind thanks in advance

Your mug has a London hallmark with the crowned leopard’s head used before 1821. It’s very difficult to be sure but I think that the date letter may be the O for 1729. I could be more certain if I could identify the maker’s mark (the one on the far left in your picture), but your image is a bit out of focus. Can you try to post an in focus picture so that we can get a better idea of the initials.

Hi again I used a magnifying glass to improve the focus.

The crown is fairly distinctive and the lettering appears to be “black letter” style with the second letter K or H but I’ve checked through my references and am sorry to say that I have been unable to find anything which matches.

Thanks for the feedback. Should I rather then get it physically appraised rather than with photos? Also do you know of anyone in South Africa who specialise in this


Mark 1 eyeballs are always better than a camera lens but I cannot suggest anywhere you could try.