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Help with authentication & Hallmark

I’ve got a silver jug but not sure if it’s worth anything. Don’t really know anything about it.

Your jug is not silver so has no intrinsic value. The mark on the right, “EP” means electroplate. The manufacturer is Walker & Hall of Sheffield (hence the initials W & H S).

The value of electroplate is severely affected by the state of the plating so you should clean the jug carefully using a good quality, non-abrasive silver polish. If the plating is not damaged it will look really good after a polish.

This is a fairly standard design and would have come with a teapot and sugar bowl. I inherited a very similar set from my grandparents but the plating had been so severely damaged by overpolishing that all I could do was throw it away.


Aww thank you very much. Where is the EP? I can’t see this? :see_no_evil: