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help with dating silver candlesticks


I have what I thought was a pair of silver candlesticks until last clean, the hallmarks are different and the engraving is also slightly different although the size and main style of corinthian column is identical. I have tried looking up the hallmark and see both are from London but i cannot be certain of either the year or manufacturer and on one stick the manufacturer stamp is very poor. Any help appreciated.



These are almost certainly a pair as, although the hallmarks are different, one is 1775 (Old English U) and the other is 1776 (a). This means that they were probably made around the changeover between date letters (end of May 1776). The maker is probably John Carter II (entered September 1776, but mark seen earlier than this).


I have added photos from the top and engraving on each candlestick as I am still unsure this was a pair or maybe the engravings mean something in conjunction with the hallmark…
2nd candlestick on next post !!

Any other comments welcome

2nd candlestick photos :slight_smile:

Out of the same workshop at about the same time, but the different coats of arms indicate different owners. We can only speculate how they came back together - or maybe they were engraved in the workshop and never collected…