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Help with Goblet Markings?

Hi There,
Has anyone seen these marks, and can tell me who/what they are?
My guess is that its silver plate? It would be nice if it was Silver through & through. Its 7cmx4.5cm.
I don’t expect it to be worth more than a Tenner?
But it would be nice to know when and where it was made.
Any information would be gratefully received.

firstly, sorry i have no info, im using my phone atm, when im on my pc i’ll look further into it. But the marks look like silver marks, though im slightly partial to the ‘3GR’ mark. The french used something similar to indicate silverplate, but, your ‘tenner’ estimate is certainly crushed if its silver. Dont get your hopes up though!

Hi Jon,
I’m pretty sure it’s French plated silver. Metal Blanc, literally white metal, is the give-away it’s one of the ways the French indicate plated silver. The 3GR may well be reference to the amount of silver, i.e. 3 grams, used to plate a specified number of pieces. The mark I cannot decipher could well be the maker’s mark.
Hope this helps,