Help with Hallmarks on Vase

Hi all, My mother has 2 of these vase type things and asked me to see if I could find out what the hallmarks are. The initials are JH, it has a lion, a Jaguar and a letter U.



Your mother’s vases are sterling silver with a London hallmark, but probably made in Sheffield. From the left the marks are:

  • maker’s mark (more properly called the sponsor’s mark): J·H in conjoined circles is one of the marks of Sibray, Hall & Co of Fitzwalter Works, Sheffield. JH are the initials of the principal of the company at the time, Job Frank Hall. The company used this mark from 1893 until 1899/1900.

  • lion passant, the English sterling silver standard mark.

  • uncrowned leopard’s head, the mark of the London Assay Office (we call it a leopard, but that is a heraldic term for lion).

  • date letter U for the London assay year 1895/96.

Awesome i shall let her know