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Help with identification please :)

I am a newbie, please be nice :slight_smile:

I inherited some silver pieces from my grandmother who passed away a few years back, never really bothering to look at the marks. It’s been a whirlwind the past month now that I have given it some thought and am lost. This photo is from a silver plate tea pot but I am confused as I seem to go in circles on the internet.

373 g silver = 12 troy ounces? Or have I likely misunderstood?

I would gather that this piece is electroplated - but what would a likely base be?

If anyone could offer some hints into the direction I should be going to find information I’d really appreciate it.

Much thanks,
teapot - stamps500x500.jpg

373 and 43 are most likely a pattern number and/or some other form of internal factory designation and would not have any significance for silver content, which for electroplate would be very small, typical silver thickness being of the order of 10 microns. The base metal would most likely be some form of white metal such as nickel silver. If it was copper I would expect a marking such as “EP on Copper”.

I’ve been thinking about that 10 microns thickness for silver and done a few calculations; probably 100 microns would have been a better estimate - that’s still very small though: 1/10th of a millimetre. Has anybody out there got a better idea?