Help with identifying this item please

Hi there,
We’ve just found this old jug in the loft and wondering if anyone could shed any light on its age, material etc.
Be great to know some history!

Thanks in advance for any help

You will probably not be surprised to know that the jug was made by Collis & Co who were a Birmingham company. The material as given by the gothic lettering is EPGS - electroplated german silver. German silver is the former name of nickel silver a base metal alloy containing, perversely, no silver. “A1” shows that the company regarded this as their best quality electroplate. Pattison would probably have been the name of the retailer.

It is likely that this jug dates from the years leading up to 1888 when Collis & Co was taken over by another company.


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Thank you Phil I really appreciate that :slight_smile: