Can someone help me identify this piece and give as much information as possible on marks and potential value to sell. It is large and look like a fruit bowl. It has three handles. It was purchased at a garage sale in Murwilumbah, NSW, Australia in a small country town, an area where many Scottish and Irish people settled in the late 1800’s. Germans also came to the area early 1900’s. It has not been cleaned as I need advice on what to do.
Looking front on.jpg

You will have to include some pictures of the item itself, clear pictures of any marks on it. Dimensions would also be useful.

Two photos posted. Any information or ideas appreciated.

The mark is an electroplate mark of Atkin Brothers of Sheffield. it was probably made in the late 19th / early 20th century period. As it is electroplated there is no intrinsic value on account of silver content. Any value is in its decorative qualities.