Help with identifying this silver object...snuff? toothpick?

Hi: I have this item marked sterling…it is engraved with ‘Pater’ …there is a silver loop for hanging this item . It is 3 inches long including the is fairly flat…only about 1/8 th of an inch thick…something goes in the opening at the top …I am not sure what it is supposed to contain…any one know what this is used for?[/img]
pater 1.jpg

It could be a flower holder for a buttonhole, but they normally have a clip to keep them in place. I’m not sure how this would work if that’s what it is.

As “silvermakersmarks” suggested its a Flowerholder or to give its proper name a corsarge holder, the ring in the top would have been for it to fasten to a lapel probably by placing a tie pin or similar to fasten it to a lapel

Thanks to all for the information…I appreciate your time in responding to my query…