Help with makers mark

Hi, please can any one help identify the date and maker of this spoon. I cannot find the maker…
Many thanks in advance.

This is a London hallmark (missing the crowned leopard’s head town mark) with the date letter S for the assay year 1813/14. RT is Richard Turner.

Note that it was not unusual for the leopard’s head mark to be omitted at this period, especially on smaller pieces.


Thank you very much Phil I’m much obliged to you.
I have three other rat tail spoons which all have marks that carry only initials.
Would they be of interest to the forum re identification?
Kind regards, Mike.

Yes, I’m sure that it will be of interest to someone. We might even help you?


Hi, these are three small spoons I found over the years while out metal detecting.
Only one has a standard mark.
Any help with identification of the makers and date would be much appreciated.
Look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards, Mike.

I am working on the assumption that all of these would have had London hallmarks before their second life underground. So from the top:

SW is probably Starling Wilford, dating c1730-c1740, although there are other possibilities.

The next one is not very clear but may be RB for Richard Bayley, c1740-c1750.

GS is almost certainly George Smith III, c1780.


Thank you very much, it’s great to know a little more about these spoons. Can you tell me why there are no otheR marks.
Thank you, Mike.

Underground erosion/tarnishing I would suggest.