Help with marking please

Hello, I am new to this forum and am hoping someone can help me identify two items (a watch and some spoons) that I have had for quite a while now. Firstly the watch which I have used quite often until a few months ago when it stopped working :cry: and secondly a set of spoons that I have (also well used).
The watch is pictured, but I am unable to get a picture of the markings on the inside. I know it is Swiss made and I presume sold by Alfred Wood of Stratford, London and thats it! The marking inside the case are as follows:-
At the top - A Fish inside an elongated circle with the numbers 36092 under it
Just off middle - 0.935 inside a oblong
Bottom - Set in a triangle, three cats with tail high and one front leg raised - the first is inside a bullett shape the other two are sort of indented into a shape which follows the shape of the cats
under that a block figure 1

The spoons are pictured and I think the markings are clear enough to be distinguished.
I hope someone can help me, if not, I’m just happy to have found a site with so much information :smiley:

WATCH 001.jpg

The markings in your watch case are Swiss hallmarks indicating that the case is made of silver of 935/1000 standard (slightly higher than sterling). The cats are actually bears. It is not possible to date it accurately unless it also has British import marks (and it doesn’t sound as if it has). I’m not sure of the significance of the fish in an oval mark - possibly the manufacturer’s trade mark.

I am reading the markings on the spoon as (A) (T) (&) (S) (crown) with the T&S being in Old English script. As there are no indications of fineness it is, at best, electroplate. I don’t recognise the maker’s trademark of T&S (A is most likely an indication of elctroplating) but, assuming it’s British, it dates to the late Victorian era as elctroplaters were forbidden the use of the crown from around 1900 as the crown was the assay mark of Sheffield.

Wow, thank you so much for that, I can’t look again at the watch for any other markings as I have sent it for repair, but you have certainly cleared some questions for me. Thanks again.