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Help With Napkin Ring

Hi there

I just picked up this napkin ring in a local collectibles shop for $5 and am just wondering about it. It has no markings on it that can be found and it does not appear to be plate as another local antique store looked at it and seems to think it is silver of some description. Can anyone shed any light on it for me? Thanks in advance.[/b]
SAM_0352 (500x375).jpg
SAM_0350 (500x375).jpg
SAM_0349 (500x375).jpg

It’s unlikely (although just possible) that solid silver would be unmarked so I would have to assume it is, at best, electroplated. If your other local antique store thought it was silver ask them to confirm it for you. Also ask them how much they will give you for it. If they are sure it’s silver you could make a quick profit…

Its definitely not plated, there are wear marks where plate would show through. They told me that if they were selling it they would mark it at $50. Think I will hold on to it though.