Help with object

Hello. Can anyone tell me what this is please? And any information about it. It only has the one stamp on the back that reads STERLING. It is only 9cm (3.5 inches) in length.
Thank you in advance

A letter opener perhaps?

There are no clues to the manufacturers so it will probably be impossible to trace them. From the use of English and “sterling” it is most likely from the USA.


Ok thank you. My first thought was that it is a letter opener but I wasn’t sure because of how small it is.
While I have your attention could I ask you about a couple of other bits please, Sorry It’s just that i have so many bits that I know very little about.

This has a mirror on one side I think it is some sort of dentist tool?

Your first piece is certainly a medical instrument of some sort. It has a sterling silver hallmark for London 1860 and the maker’s mark WP of William Phillips. Phillips is listed in trades directories as a maker of (among other things) dental mirrors.

Your second piece is a cheroot (or cigarette) holder with its own case. The case has a sterling silver hallmark for Birmingham 1897 and with the maker’s mark A&JZ of A & J Zimmerman Ltd. The Zimmermans were Arthur and John. The cheroot holder has a gold mount with a London 9 carat hallmark for 1912 with the maker’s mark of R Hovenden & Sons Ltd. The difference in dates suggests that they were not originally together.


Brilliant :+1:
Thank you for your help.