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help with piece please.

[b][size=150]Hello everyone
I discovered this forum in my plight to find advise from silver experts about a piece I have just acquired.

The piece is a silver plate ‘Viners’ butter dish. It was in a very sorry state when I first got it, but I have spent hours renovating it and now it looks the business.

it looks old and a classic piece, but I would like to know more about it and if poss’ what it may be worth if anything.

Underneath the tray is has the wording ‘Viners international, silver plated, Taiwan’ It is complete with lid and glass tray insert, and it is in excellent condition.

I have included a photo of it for you to look at.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all very much.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. You did a very nice job restoring the piece. According to information on the internet, Viners has been making stainless and plated tableware for many years. While very pretty, your piece has little commercial value. For example, there is a Viners silver plated cream jug on eBay for $10.


Uncle Vic

Thank you very much uncle Vic for the information. I only paid £1 for it so no loss whatsoever. But it is still a lovely piece and I may hang on to it, as we all know that things come in and out of vogue at an alarming rate.
The only reason i bought is was because i was watching a programme on TV and they were saying that any old Viners metal ware was worth picking up, as it could shortly become collectable especially the older pieces.
Let’s hope they are correct :slight_smile:
Thanks again