Hi, got Cigarret box & Watch<new pics>

Hi everyne

Christmas coming soon,and I’m broke :frowning: so it’s time to tell goodbye to couple of my craft’s… any ideas how much they can be worth???

Cigarret box


for all your help BIG thanks ;]
Regards Kris

Hi again:]
here u got link to picasa,hope ther u can see the pictures properly


sorry for any problems

Cigarette cases are going on eBay for £50-£60 and basic watches in running condition about the same. Note that condition is important. Your picture links don’t work so I can’t check condition.

Refreshing… plz people help:]

Your Imageshack images appear to be working now, but the Picasa link is not specific to your album.

All I can add is that the watch case was made by Ebenezer White of Coventry and assayed in London in 1874 and the cigarette case’s maker was John Millward Banks. It was assayed in Chester in 1900. Neither are especially remarkable so I believe that my previous estimate of values still stands.