Hi have these marks on a Silver Chamberstick, type?

Hi I have a silver chamberstick I have acquired. I have been told it is Victorian.

I dont know if it is silver there is a capital B mark followed by a Crown then a lion passant (but worn) and the makers mark JS over &S (JS &S)

What worries me is there is no Soverign or duty mark so could this still be silver?

I bought it in a junk shop, It was filthy with little lustre before I gave it a clean which may be why the shop keeper may have thought it was just silver plated.

Here is a picture of the chamberstick to get idea of style and maybe help date it and if it ii is 'right’for the period… :

I am not sure of the date but I think the crown means Sheffield/British silver.

Thanks for your help


I’m sorry to say that the shopkeeper was right - it is electroplated rather than solid silver. The makers are John Sherwood & Sons of Birmingham and you can find out some more about them here.

Thanks Moderator for your help I wonder if you could guide me further. I am still confused what the date is… (or anyone else if they can help)

My mark is the 6th one down in the list in the link you gave me. I think still Victorian?

A bit disappointed as electroplated rather than solid but I paid very little. So could anyone tell me what I could ask for thi s maker/electroplated item?

Regards Russilver

It’s not normally possible to date electroplate accurately. All we know is that Sherwoods were active during the second half of the 19th century and the first few years of the 20th century.

As to value, similar chambersticks are selling on eBay for £10 or less.