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Hi Im new and need help

Hi I was at a thrift store today and bought a bowl and need help with some questions. It is by the Simpsom H.M. and Company. It is plated because it says it is plated and manufactured by them in the USA. It is in intact but it is almost completely black. It is a round bowl with a basket weave type look and the bottom of it has a scene with an angel some cherubs and centurtion who is in battle. My questions are how old do u think it is. Also how do I clean it. I believe the plating is gone so I didnt know whether or not to leave it alone or to use a cleaner for the copper (I think its copper) that is showing under the black… Thanks!!

Hi there and thanks for joining us. The Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. of Wallingford, Conn. was started by Samuel Simpson in about 1866. He was quite successful in making silver plated goods and in 1898 was one of the original companies that merged to form the International Silver Co. They did not use date marks so dating your piece is difficult.

I would use a mild liquid or cream silver polish to clean the item up and see how much of the plating is left. Old silver plated items such as this have little or no commercial value, but sometimes clean up to make an interesting display piece. If its something you really like, re-plating is always an option. But by all means, clean it up.


Uncle Vic

Thanks so much. I only paid a dollar ninety nine for it and wasnt looking to make money I just thought it was interesting and wanted to clean it and keep it. Thanks!!

Heres a pic of it [/img]

It looks vry nice. Good eye for $1.99!

Uncle Vic