How much is it worth?

I found this with some of my stuff in the attic, I don’t know what it is but as far as im aware its silver, it has a W & H mark, a lion with its paw up and an O

What you seem to have is a lid for something. It is incomplete as there are only partial hallmarks - the other part of the object should have had a full set of hallmarks (city mark is missing). I can identify the maker as Walker & Hall, a Sheffield company, but they used this maker’s mark on items assayed not only at Sheffield but also at Chester and Birmingham. Your picture is not clear enough to be able to identify from the punch shapes which assay office this is with certainty, although I think it is most likely to be Sheffield 1931. In any case, as it is incomplete, its value is going to be little more than scrap value - unless you get lucky.

I asked my uncle and he told me it was a pencil topper from the early 1930s, he’s an antique dealer but he wasn’t sure on all of the details cause he’s mostly into furniture, thankyou for the reply :slight_smile: