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Hubert Price Medal

I have obtained this medal online. It is marked Birmingham 1897 and is by James Fenton (is this correct). It is 31mm in diameter and weighs 11grams. I am interested in the engraving on it: N.H.S.G. Hubert Price for Development silver 1906. What will N.H.S.G.stand for? Interesting to note that it was engraved 9 years after it has been issued. The back only have the hallmarks. Another funny thing on this medal is the Birmingham mark. All my other medals got the anchor, followed by the lion and then the date. The makers mark are usually before or after it. This medal got its anchor mark last and on its laying on its side?
Any information will be appreciated.
Hubert marks.jpg
Hubert front.jpg

I can’t help with the initials but I can explain the anchor. It was sideways on all hallmarks during the date letter cycle 1875-1899 and additionally for part of the previous cycle. In 1900 it reverted to the vertical position. J.F is James Fenton.

Interesting about the anchor…learn something new every time. I try to stay away from war or coronation medals as they are just too common. I like these fob type medals with history to them.