I need help with hallmarks

I have an antique perfume bottle and I am having trouble with 3 out of the 5 marks. I know that its british and from birmingham based on the anchor even though its sideways right? the far left all i can make out is possible starting with an 8 and the last perhaps ELP? Next mark looks like a backwards Y and then I can make out the S but I dont know what that means. Help!

Is it possible to obtain a clearer image of the maker’s mark please? The letters on the left of the group.
Certainly Birmingham with the Y being the date letter of 1898.

I suggest that the two final letters of the maker’s mark are LD (the D being a superscript). This is one of the standard abbreviations of the word Limited. The sideways anchor is normal for 1898.

Thanks for your help. I will try and see if i can get a cleaner picture of the makers mark to the left. Its pretty scratched up. Can either one of you tell me what the S stands for?

The S could be a journeyman’s mark. In any case it is almost certainly a factory mark with no external significance.

I cant seem to get a real clear shot of this makers mark…but heres what I got anyway…thanks so much!
photo 3.JPG

The mark has definitely seen better days but judging from its length and the fact that the first letter looks a lot like an S, I am pretty sure that it’s the mark of S Blanckensee & Sons Ltd:

and see my website for other variations.

I think so too! I thought that first letter looked like an S and I for sure agree on the last two being LD. Now I can do some research.
Thank you!