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Id: Lily & head


I am having some trouble getting to the bottom of these marks.

  1. The one to the right…

…looks to be a lily, maybe fleur-de-lis though I can’t seem to find any relations to france or the lily used in general. To the bottom-right of it is the letter I. - could this be a date letter?

The letters beneath the lily I beleave to be S T O M.

  1. The one to the left…

…looks like an animal head. My guess would be a lion. I haven’t been able to identify any further. Could it be a version of lions head erased?

I beleave three letters to be found top-center, and further two located bottom-left and bottom-right.

Thanks for Reading. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

These are trademarks of a Lebanese company called SIOM Orfèvres. Your piece may be electroplated or it could just be a shiny white metal - not silver as there are no fineness indications.