Identify age and maker / geographic area of silver warmer

I would really appreciate some help as a brand new member starting to research. I have recently purchased an English Breakfast Warmer and want to find out who made it, where, and when. The seller suggested A Beardshaw & Co in Sheffield from the initial marks on the piece, but when I researched the marks, it didn’t look quite right. I assume it is Silverplate?

[color=red] I think the seller may have been correct about Albert J. Beardshaw & Co of Sheffield[/b]. after looking at more maker marks. And I have discovered a small in size, capital M on the front side of the bowl, quite apart from the maker marks on the bottom. I am wondering if that is a date mark indicating a specific year? Is that unusual to have the marks separately? Or could the piece have been replated and I am seeing part of a previous mark coming through?
Compressed Silver Marks.jpg