Identifying silver tong hallmark.. 1877 ?? help please :)

Im starting my silver collection with some sugar tongs my nan gave me today. I have researched them online and THINK I have identified them as London and from approx 1877 or there abouts. I never realised it was so hard to identify marks ! There are four on my sugar tongs…

  1. a leopard head in a shield.
  2. a lion in a shield
  3. a K in wide script
  4. a small head in a round stamp

If anyone can help me identify these marks better i would be delighted as my heads spinning lol.

Thankyou x kerry
SILVER 004_opt.jpg

Hi Kerry

Welcome to the forum. Your picture is not too clear, but a date letter k (or K) in script would be either 1845 or 1865. I can see though that you are right about it being London. The small head in a round stamp is the head of Queen Victoria and is known as a Duty Mark - showing that the relvant tax has been paid. There is a table of London date letters here.