identifying this piece would be priceless

This piece from simpson hall miller & co has been in my family for generations , as well as baffled us all for generations. My best guess is that it is a holder , perhaps for teaspoons , or maybe for used teabags. Any help identifying this piece will not only make me so happy , but also my family.

What are the measurements?

ah yes , i sometimes forget the mosr important of details.The measurements are as follows 3" wide 2"deep and 7.5 inches tall.

Bobby - as I’m sure you know, its American silver plate by Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. of Willingford, Connecticut. That company was one of the several that combined in 1898 to form the International Silver Co. and International used some of the Simpson, Hall marks after the merger…so dating it is difficult. I like your suggestions for its intended use. May also have been used to hold folded napkins? I have some obscure holloware books I’ll thumb through and see if I can find anything similar.


Uncle Vic