I'm new to this board but am looking forward to all the....

Hello all! I am new to this board but am looking forward to absorbing all the knowledge that I possibly can. I have recently inherited some interesting sterling and silverplated pieces and am anxious to learn of their origins. As soon as I can figure out the picture posting thing, I’ll post pictures of them with my many questions in hopes that the silver gurus here can possibly enlighten me.

Anyway, thanks so much for providing this wonderful & informative website!

Cheers ~ Lizzie :smiley:

Sooooo… why is it that I can post a picture here & yet I can’t get one to come up on the other boards? Am I totally dense & incapapble of any kind of technological intelligence? Oh, woe is me… I simply cannot figure out this stuff that even morons can comprehend.

Lizzie… the brain dead, apparently

Hi Lizzie,

I’m guessing but i think you forgot to click the add attachment button after you chose your attachment.

Its a two stage process. Browse for the attachment AND then click add attachment. This will reload the page with your attachment added and it will allow you to add another attachment if you want. The actual image won’t be displayed until you post the message, but you can see the name of the attachment under where you write your message.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!

Regards // Jonathan

Oh Jonathan ~ Thank you! I thought I was losing what’s left of my mind!

Okay, I’m trying again: