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I'm totally stuck on this one

This is a fork which I can’t tell is solid silver or plate. Nothing is showing under the silver. It’s heavy, (.076 grams) The only thing I can find is possibly the maker’s name,
EB over & over JB into quatrefoil
Edward and John Barnard,
London 1858 hallmark
But the rest of the hallmarks, I can’t find.
Thanks in advance, Deb
unknown fork-2.jpg

I believe that this is a silver plate mark. Barnards used this EB&JB mark on silver between 1851 and 1861 so that gives us a date range. However the other marks are not hallmarks; i.e. there is no duty mark, no town mark and no fineness mark. I would expect a lion passant for sterling silver or a leopard’s head erased for Britannia silver and, although one of those symbols looks a bit like a leopard’s head erased, it is not. The clue for me are the letters at right and left of the group of 4 symbols. I read these as E and P respectively which leads me to the conclusion that it is most likely electroplate.

Silvermakersmarks, you have a good eye. So those two letters are an E and a P. I can see that now. Mystery solved. Thank you, again, Deb