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Info on silver goblets and worth?

Glad I found this forum! I’ve got a couple of items that I hope you’ll educate me on.
I’ll do one item in this post and post a new topic for the other since i have four pictures total.
[color=red]No 1 item I have four of these goblets each has inscribed In Hoc Signo Vinces California Commandery
On the bottom: Made and guaranteed by ***Rogers Bros and circled “Meriden B. Company” 21 USA

Thanks for any info on them Great Site!


Hi there and thanks for joining us. The goblets were made by the Meriden Britanna Co. of Meriden, CT, one of the Rogers companies and now part of International Silver Co. They are silverplated and of little ocmmercial value. You may check the “completed auctions” for similar items on eBay and get an idea of what such goblets are selling for. The appear to be mid-20th century.


Uncle Vic