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Information for this watch please

Hi I wondering if anybody could help me with this watch I found while going through my mum’s things.i have since found numbers on the inside of the case two of which look like dates.i hope the pictures are a little clearer.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

The watch case (I can say nothing about the face or the movement) is sterling silver with a London import mark (date letter too blurred to be recognised) and the sponsor’s (importer’s) mark of George Stockwell & Co. This suggests to me that the watch itself may be Swiss.


Ty for your reply I have added a couple more pictures now which are abit clearer.
The more prominent of numbers I see in said the case are 1/2/71 and 20/2/73 they look like surface scratches.
To the left of them is a more indented numbers which are 1311 and underneath those four numbers it looks like it could possibly say 3-22 or 3-27 not sure

Scratch marks of that sort tend to be made by servicers or repairers and probably indicate dates received by them.

I can see now that the assay date letter is the particular “u” for the assay year 1935/36.