Information on Cream Jug? and makers mark


Could someone confirm whether the item shown in this post is of a cream jug? It is hallmarked London 1898 and has the makers marks of ‘TS over WS’. Could someone tell me who the maker is as i can’t seem to find it in any books or sites.

If anyone has an idea on value please let me know.
picresized ID189-1.jpg

Probaly Thomas Alfred Slater & Walter Brindsley Slater who worked with London silversmiths Holland Aldwinkle & Slater between 1894 & 1901. The value, I would suggest,is around £80.
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Is £80 trade value? I have seen these go for that and more at auctions, on websites they are much more.

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I have one or two late Victorian cream jugs (you gave no size or a photo of the marks by the way), and I have never paid more than £80 - £100 for them.
But remember, the worth of an item is only what someone will pay for it - the value is another matter. :wink:
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I agree with what you said about an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

The jug is 4.5inches in height.

Are you a collector or a dealer?

A collector more than a dealer.