Inherited Silver Pieces

I recently inherited a number of old family silver items. Most of them date back to between 1860 and 1910. Using a microscope to read the hallmarks,names and dates, I have been able to identify most of the items. I have not been able to identify one particular piece. It is a tea strainer or infuser. I have included photos of the markings and names that are on the handle. Generations ago, the old family was from Europe, particularly the area now known as Germany, so the item could be from Europe. I have uploaded photos that I took of the marking on the handle. Perhaps the will help identify the maker.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tea Strainer2 Tea Strainer3 Tea Strainer6

This seems to be the work Franciszek Zernicki, a Warsaw (Poland) silversmith. The “12” refers to the 12 loth silver standard (750/1000). I found this on the net. Google translate will help you to understand the content.


This is great! Thanks a million for your help!
I’m going to research Zernicki and see what else I can find.