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Inherited Silver teapot

Can you help. I inherited this teapot years ago from my grandmother and it’s been stuck in the loft since then, which is why it’s so dirty (sorry!). Just about to move house found it again, I know nothing about silver and am having no luck finding the makers hallmark, so I’d be interested to know its history and what it’s worth. It’ll help me make a decision on whether to keep or sell.

hallmarks small.jpg
teapot small.jpg

That appears to be a London 1800 hallmark with a maker’s mark which may be that of Thomas Wallis (I can’t see it clearly enough to be 100% sure). Here is an image of Wallis’s mark so that you can make the comparison for yourself:

Value is probably somewhere in the £300 to £600 region. It depends to a certain extent on size and condition. Don’t worry about tarnish or dirt affecting the value - it will polish off, but you should make sure that there are no hidden holes or blemishes. For a more accurate idea I suggest you check out eBay’s “Completed Auctions” feature to see what people have been paying for similar teapots.

Thank you for the information. It is slightly dented on the other side unfortunately. Didn’t realise it was so old!