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Interesting case!

Dear professionals! :slight_smile:

I really need help identifying what this silver case is!

I am attaching pictures in HD below:





26 May 2015: Pictures reduced, cropped and reposted by Moderator.

It looks like a lady’s calling card case, with a German Hanau mark of Storck & Sinsheimer.

I looked up their hallmark and you are right that they share great resemblence!

Do you have a guess what this could be worth and from which time period? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I would suggest the turn of the last century, and perhaps a search on the well known online auction site may give you an indication of value/cost. No so much value, but cost.

Moderator’s note to Elounia:

As you ignored my request to reduce the size of the images in your duplicate post under Reading Silver Hallmarks, I have deleted that complete post. Please reduce the sizes of your pictures in this post and edit the picture links to point to the smaller pictures. Your pictures are far too large for anybody with a restricted screen size to view comfortably.

Apologies if I’ve exacerbated the problem.

No, you’re fine, John. Thanks for your earlier response.