is it a tankard? is it silver? where is it from?

Hi, Hope someone can help. I have this tankard, have been searching the web for the markings find out where its from, what the coat of arms? on the front is, if it is? how old and what its made of… everything really!

Coat of arms - the text in the ribbon at the bottom isnt readable. it looks like it has two markings in one. cross on the left and not sure what the right is. above left it has the cross again in a triangle shape and on the right what might be crossed arms?

By the handle it says HALF PINT with a number 1 over a 24 then in an octagonal shape there is a crown at the top then G R then 37.

The Bottom says MAPPIN & WEBB LTD and C17/15 underneath.

Can anyone shed any light?

thanks in advance


First the easy bit - it’s not silver as there are no hallmarks, so that makes it silverplate or pewter although with the M&W name it is more likely to be silverplate. For the rest we really need to see a picture, or several. The GR and crown sound as if it has been officially tested to hold the half pint which it claims to hold, but it could be either George V or George VI. I suspect the crown may differ for each king so that’s another reason to see a picture. Someone might recognise the coat of arms but once again a picture is essential. You also ask in your title whether it is a tankard - if it has one handle and a lid then it is; one handle, no lid = mug; two handles = cup.

thank you for the reply, I tried listing the images with it but it would load them up. They are to the spec & I have emailed the administrator and am waiting to hear back.

Do you have an email I could send the images to? if so you can get me at design(at sign)bigdaddydesign(dot)co(dot)uk & I will reply with images.

Thanks again


Here are the pictures: