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Is this a makers mark/hallmark? Kilt buckle

Hi all, I’m new here and new to collecting silver. I found this kilt buckle and bought it for a few instincts said it was silver but I didn’t know and took a gamble. My local jeweler did a chemical test and said it was inconclusive. It’s really worn (or made to look that way). It’s got this tiny little section on the side which looks like 3 tiny marks. I don’t know whether I’m seeing things or if this could be a mark of some sort. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have a feeling it might be pewter?

Hope these images work if not I’ll try again when I get home

Thanks carly

Nope didn’t work. Sorry guys will try again a bit later

I can’t see the marks you are referring to in the side-on view so I assume they are really tiny. If they are so small as to be practically invisible that would rather negate the point of putting them on in the first place so I think that what you are seeing is more likely to be a minor flaw in the casting. The side-on view does show, though, what may be plating loss so I suspect that the composition may be electroplate on a white metal.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!