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Is This Ladle Sterling???


A Friend owns this Lovely Large ladle. It’s not marked, although by the look and feel and fact that it has no ware marks, I think it to be Sterling. Although I’m not 100% sure. Does anyone know for sure and the pattern name. I cannot find th pattern in any of my books. Does anyone knows the value of this beauty, Any help would Very Much be Appreciated. Thanks & Have A Blessed Christmas.
Ladle 3.jpg
Ladle 2.jpg
Ladle 1.jpg


Here is a photo of the Handle. The Ladle measures 15 3/4" long.
Ladle 4.jpg


Hi Carol and best wishes for the holidays. Rule of thumb: no marks, no sterling. You could have it acid tested to be sure, but most likely its plated or some other metal like nickel silver.


Uncle Vic


Happy New Year Everyone,
Thank You Uncle Vic. I really Appreciate all your help. Have A Very Blessed New Year.
Crazy Carol