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Is this Silver genuine Silver?

Hi, I’m thinking of buying two Silver pendants from online as I cannot find, for love nor money, what I want in ‘real’ stores. I want to be sure that what I am buying is real Sterling Silver, though. I’ve posted the link to what I’m talking about. … s_370.html

They’re all the same price, but for what you see, do you think that £23.99 is too inexpensive for sterling silver? It would be too small to hallmark, so is there a way jewellers can authenticate silver?

Sorry for so many questions. I’d be very grateful for help!

This company appears to be well-established. I would be inclined to trust their assertion that the pendants are silver. Please note that this is not a recommendation to buy - you are on your own with the decision.

for the size of the item, i would say yes they are silver based on the price! If theyre not hallmarked they will have a ‘925’ stamp on them.

Creed makes some fine religious medals. Hre is a link. I have a Jesus Christ and St. Jude that I really love! this offers a wide variety of prices and styles. … 3db245d910