Italian themed elaborate Chatelaine need help with hallmark

Hello, I have a 5-chain chatelaine which appears to be silver. I have researched it exhaustively but cannot figure out the hallmark. Is that a lion passant in the center? Doesn’t look like that or any other figure I have seen. I thought the SHS might refer to a London store I came across…? And I do not know if the “CD” is an artist’s initials or something else. I found a reference to a silversmith with those initials working in London in the early 1900’s.
I would be extremely grateful for any help !

And, obviously, the first place I need help is to upload my
picture. Because I thought I had.

I will keep working on that–since I realize on THAT score, it
probably has to be my own search mission. Thank you.

Here we are–the elaborate Italian chatelaine hallmarks.
Very sorry it is upside down–it was not that way on the downloaded version on my PC. The “CD” to which I referred is to the far right
(as seen right side up.)