J.E. Caldwell Spoons

Hello, I just posted a moment ago about a Gorham set that I recently inherited but had one other question.

I also have 6 J.E. Caldwell Tea Spoons (they are monogrammed). I was wondering what their valuation might be.

I have pics up here- [url]http://www.tgupdate.com/CaldwellSpoons.html[/url]

Hi Kyle and thanks for joining us. AS for value with these and your Gorham items on your other post, try finding them on www.replacements.com and see if they have a price for each item. Replacements is going to be a “high retail” price. Next go to the “completed auctions” on eBay for your pattern and item and see what similar items are actually selling for vs. the asking prices. This procedure should give you a good idea of the “real world” value of your silver.

You should always start with the “melt down” value of sterling silver which is about 83% of the “spot” commodity price of pure silver and compare that to the value you see in eBay.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for the link, looks helpful.

I have one more for ya. (just got the box of silver today so…am going through it lol)

This one I cant seem to find on replacements.com

It is a silver bowl. I know nothing else about it, has the markings of “Exemplar” and I can find Exemplar items on replacements but nothing with a price. i have pics of the bowl up at- [url]http://www.tgupdate.com/Examplarbowl.html[/url]

I did find a similar bowl on ebay [url]http://cgi.ebay.com/Sterling-B267-Antique-10-Paul-Revere-Bl-Exemplar-1768-/270765644650?pt=Antiques_Silver&hash=item3f0ae3db6a[/url] but this old bowl cant possibly be worth 800 bux can it? Mine is of the same measurements but is monogrammed differently (“H”)