James Dixson and Sons

I have a silver basket with the name James Dixon and Sons on the bottom. I can’t find this style mark anywhere or when it might have been made. It has a lyon and horse with a shield between the two. Can anyone give me some help on age, etc.

C Field

HI C. Field

It does sound like you have a silver plated item from James Dixon & Sons rather than a sterling silver piece as the sterling mark for sheffield, where James Dixon is from is a crown then from 1975 changed to a rose, so i assume the horse signifies an electroplated item, so dating a piece can become difficult.

The Sheffield firm was founded by James Dixon 1806
In 1811 it became a partnership Dixon & Smith
!822- the company moved to Cornish Place and became Dixon & Son
1835- became James Dixon & Sons, the family run business ran until 1976

I know this doesn’t give you the answer your looking for but with a picture i may be able to narrow the search down a bit. I’ve added a picture of James Dixon & Sons sterling silver mark.

Best wishes
James Dixon & Sons.jpg


Thanks for your information. I will try to post a photo



I don’t seem to be able to add the photo, will try one more time
Silver basket 3.jpg
Silver basket 2.jpg

HI Chuck

Sorry its taken such a while to come back to you, but you’ve got me on this one, i’ve checked every reference book i have and i cant find this mark any where. The only thought i have is that maybe its a pewter mark but thats only a guess. Good luck in your search!

All the best